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Whistle Blower Policy and Information

HEXO Corp. is committed to the highest standards of openness, honesty and accountability. In line with that commitment, we expect employees and stakeholders who have serious concerns about any aspect of the Corporation’s activities and operations to come forward and voice those concerns. To help ensure that we practice what we preach, we have established an anonymous and confidential reporting system so that employees and stakeholders can report any concerns they may have about accounting or financial irregularities or breaches in our Code of Conduct.


Reports can be submitted anonymously to ClearView Strategic Partners Inc. (“ClearView”) by:


• Telephone: 1-866-791-9214

• Online: http://www.clearviewconnects.com/

• Confidential Mail: ClearView Connects P.O. Box 11017 Toronto, Ontario M1E 1N0 Canada


Anyone choosing to include personal information in a report to ClearView consents to the collection of that personal information by HEXO Corp.