Meet our board of directors and management team.

Board of Directors

Dr. Michael Munzar

Chair of the Board

Sebastien St-Louis

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Adam Miron

Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer

Jason Ewart


Executive Team

Jim Bursey

Interim Chief Revenue Officer

Donald Courtney

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Davies

Chief Marketing Officer

Arno Groll

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Veronique Hamel

Chief Innovation Officer

Dominique Jones

Chief People Officer

Michael Monahan

Chief Financial Officer

Roch Vaillancourt

General Counsel

Leadership Team

Steve Burwash

VP, Strategic Finance

Sonia Isabel

VP, Sales

Agnes Kwasniewska

Master Grower

Dr. Terry Lake

VP, Corporate & Social Responsibility

James McMillan

VP, Business Development

Devan Pennell

VP, Program Office

Jocelyn Racine

VP, Finance

Isabelle Robillard

VP, Communications

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