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Recent press releases

HEXO increases lock-up agreements to over 38% of Newstrike shareholders

Globe Newswire / 2019-04-24

HEXO Corp announced that it has entered into irrevocable hard voting support agreements with shareholders of Newstrike Brands Ltd.

HEXO completes first harvest in its 1 million sq. ft. greenhouse

Globe Newswire / 2019-04-01

HEXO Corp has completed the first harvest in its 1 million sq. ft. expansion, marking an important execution milestone in the Company’s continuous growth.

HEXO reports over $16.2 million in total gross revenue in the second quarter of fiscal 2019

Globe Newswire / 2019-03-14

HEXO Corp is reporting its financial results for the second quarter of the 2019 fiscal year, the Company’s first full quarter following the legalization of adult-use cannabis in Canada. Total gross revenue for the quarter reached $16.2 million, an increase of 144% from the previous quarter.


What is your production capacity?

Our current production capacity is 108,000 KG of dried cannabis annually.

Who is Hexo's Transfer Agent?

HEXO’s transfer agent is
TSX Trust Company
100 Adelaide Street West, Suite 301
Toronto ON M5H 4H1
Phone: 1-866-600-5869

How do I invest in Hexo?

Investments must be purchased on the open market through a broker or an online trading platform. HEXO trades on the TSX under the ticker symbol HEXO. Shares cannot be purchased directly from the Company.

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